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Name Title Phone Email
Themy Adachi Director of Athletics, PE and Recreation; Assistant Dean of Student Life 510.430.3285 themy@mills.edu
Allie Fox Communications and Compliance Coordinator 510.430.2232 afox@mills.edu
Natalie Spangler Head Athletic Trainer 510.430.3323 nspangle@mills.edu
Nic Van Dyke Assistant Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation 510.430.2172 nvandyke@mills.edu
Hilary Worthen Assistant Athletic Trainer 510.430.3323 hworthen@mills.edu

Cross Country

Name Title Phone Email
Cindy Olavarri Head Cross Country Coach 510.430.3282 colavarri@mills.edu
Valeska Munoz Assistant Cross Country Coach


Name Title Phone Email
Sara Nevin Head Rowing Coach 510.430.3256 snevin@mills.edu
Jess LaFrank Assistant Rowing Coach 510.430.3256 jlafrank@mills.edu


Name Title Phone Email
Laura VanWart Head Soccer Coach 510.430.2395 lvanwart@mills.edu
Jack Rozier Assistant Soccer Coach


Name Title Phone Email
Neil Virtue Head Swimming Coach 510.430.3284 nvirtue@mills.edu
Rachel Knowles Assistant Swim Coach


Name Title Phone Email
Amy Jensen Head Tennis Coach, Director of Tennis 510.430.3257 ajensen@mills.edu
Kim Neal Assistant Tennis Coach


Name Title Phone Email
Loke Davis Head Volleyball Coach 510.430.3283 lodavis@mills.edu
Nina Chandrasena Assistant Volleyball Coach

Physical Education

Name Title Phone Email
Dorothy Calimeris Instructor dcalimer@mills.edu
Catrina Marchetti Instructor cmarchetti@mills.edu
Silver Cruz Instructor: Capoeira scarcamocruz@mills.edu
Dan Ouellet Instructor: Sailing
Loke Davis Instructor: Hiking and Volleyball lodavis@mills.edu
Sarah Harvey Instructor: Yoga sharvey@mills.edu
Harold Hayes Instructor: Fencing
Amy Jensen Instructor: Elementary and Intermediate Tennis ajensen@mills.edu
Mary Claire Delgado Instructor mgatmaitan@comcast.net
Tracie Harrison (McCants) Instructor: Zumba, 20/20/10, Yoga ankh8400@yahoo.com
Marla Mundis Instructor: Massage marlas_healing_touch@yahoo.com
Sara Nevin Instructor: Strength and Conditioning snevin@mills.edu
Cindy Olavarri Instructor: Strength and Conditioning colavarri@mills.edu
Marisa Pugliano Instructor: Pilates and Yoga mpugliano@mills.edu
Christine Schoefer Instructor: Personal Defense, Karate, Personal Wellness cschoefer@mills.edu
Natalie Spangler Instructor: Adv. Conditioning, Sports Medicine nspangle@mills.edu
Laura VanWart Instructor: Strength Training/Cardio Fitness and Soccer lvanwart@mills.edu
Neil Virtue Instructor: Intermediate and Fitness Swimming nvirtue@mills.edu

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