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Cyclones Finish with Best Record in 13 Years

Cyclones Finish with Best Record in 13 Years

This season the Cyclones had 11 new members joining the squad of 7 returners. Head coach Lilia Dosalmas explained, “With the influx of new players that are coming from competitive club backgrounds and other college soccer programs, we were able to have a roster of more experienced players.”

Dosalmas has been working on recruiting these types of players so the Cyclones can be more competitive against the high division programs on their schedule. Who historically have had access to more resources and typically perform at a higher level. 

Winning 4 games this season, the Cyclones now have the second best season record for Mills College overall. Scoring 18 goals this season and shutting out St. Katherine, Simpson and Cal Maritime twice, this year’s squad has the highest number of goals scored in a season.

Dosalmas is looking to build on this season’s success during the spring season. The coaching staff will focus on the Cyclones’ technical abilities, specifically dealing with the ball out of the air. This will help the team be more successful in being first to the ball off of set plays, both for attacking and defensive play along with giving the team more control in the center of the field. “We were able to create more attacking opportunities this season, and would like to continue to develop our ability to chase down a ball and be able to finish chances on goal,” explained Dosalmas.




The team will be graduating 3 seniors, all of whom have been critical to the development and growth of the program in their time at Mills. “With our 3 seniors leaving, there will be a gap of connecting who the Cyclones soccer program was, with who it wants to be. They were here since the first day I got here and were immediately on board with taking our program as far as we could, and further than it has gotten in the past,” said Dosalmas. While the loss of Pimentel, Pineda and Ortiz-Rosales are significant, Dosalmas is confident that the 16 returning players are invested in continuing to build and grow on the foundation of what has been done so far. “My hope is that they will continue to guide the rest of the team in gratitude and hope for what is possible here and to be honored by the special opportunity to get to be a part of it,” expressed Dosalmas.

Looking to goals for next season, Dosalmas looks to qualify for ACAA conference championships and establish a program to contend with. She will continue “to recruit attacking players, athletic players and generally look for student-athletes that are committed and driven to complete a college season and representing their best selves on and off the field.”