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Student Spotlight: Pricilla Cardenas

Student Spotlight: Pricilla Cardenas

Major: Sociology

Sport: Soccer

Year: Junior


What is your full name?

Pricilla Cardenas

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Palo Alto, but raised in Modesto.

What is one of your favorite places to go/favorite things to do in your hometown?

Hanging out with my friends, finding good boba, and eating my mom's homemade meals.

How long have you been competing in your sport?

15 years

Who/What got you into your sport?

Everyone in my family has played soccer. The passion started with my uncles and my mom.

What is your favorite thing about your sport?


On a free Saturday with no homework or plans, what would your ideal day look like?

A trip to the beach and eating good food. (Doesn't happen often because I dislike all the traffic here)

What's something in the Bay Area that you really want to visit or see?

Alcatraz on the night tour

What is your favorite thing about Mills?

My friends and all the trees

What is your favorite color?

My answer to this is always rainbow

What is your favorite food/drink?

Favorite drink is a very bery hibiscus from Starbucks. Favorite food is anything my mom makes.

What song do you have on repeat right now?

I listen to everything, but a song I always listen to is I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston

Is there anything that you are doing outside of athletics that you are super passionate about?

I will be volunteering at Roses In Concrete this semester.

(Roses In Concrete is a community school located here in Oakland that focuses on develop youth committed to lives characterized by self-discipline, integrity, love and hope in the pursuit of justice and equity for all communities.)

What is something you want to do before you graduate?

Soccer team vs any other sport team dance battle

What is your favorite class this semester and why?

Social Control because Jess Butler is the best professor ever.