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Cyclone Century Club Terms and Conditions

• Membership is designated for Mills College students, staff, faculty &  alumnae/i only. 
• Hours may only be tracked as of the date you have registered.
• Club is ongoing, and there is no deadline to complete 100 hours as long as the club is still in operation.  For example, it could take 2 months, or 2 years depending on your individual goals. Sign-up on is highly recommended, but is not required to participate in the club.  If you choose NOT to sign up on, you may be able to track your hours on a spreadsheet in the Haas hallway.  Mills is using the website strictly to track exercise minutes/hours only.  
• Mills is not affiliated with and assumes no responsibility related to the website.  Any problems with the website should be directly addressed with
• Every member who records 100 hours of exercise will receive a free t-shirt and their picture on our website (optional).
• Members may track exercise hours only (e.g. walking, hiking, biking, swimming, sports, weight lifting, yoga, etc.).  You will be responsible for recording your own hours and will not be required to show proof.
• Hours of exercise during the summer/ winter breaks WILL count towards 100 hours.  
• Hours obtained through a Mills PE class or recreation event WILL count towards 100 hours.
• Student-athletes may participate in the club, but will NOT be allowed to record team participation hours.  
• Club members will be allowed to see other club member’s minutes tracked and updates will be sent out to all members on a regular basis via email or group page.
• Any activities offered by the club are optional and do not affect your membership status, other than providing you with  structured time to exercise that you can record.
• You may cancel your membership from the club at any time by simply leaving the 411fit group at any time, and sending a notification email to so that you will be removed from all mailing lists.
• All terms & conditions apply as long as CCC is still in operation.  All members will be notified upon termination of the club.