Noelani Meteyry
Noelani Meteyry
Year: Senior
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
High School: Galileo Academy
Major: Biology

Getting to know Noelani:

In high school, I was captain of the tennis team, was voted Most Valuable Player and Most Spirited on the varsity swim team and played on the softball team.  I currently am continuing my fourth year on the Mills Tennis team. I wish I was able to be on all the teams at Mills, but I am only one person!

Why did you choose to attend Mills?

I chose to attend Mills because it is a great school with caring people and great opportunities. 

What do you like best about Mills?

I love being able to be on an athletic team as well as being in small classes where professors know my name and care about my well-being. 


Horseback riding, surfing, traveling, dancing

Favorite Pro Sports Team:

San Francisco Giants

Magazine Cover You'd Like to Be On:

Sports Illustrated

Most Famous Person Ever Met:

Jack Johnson

First Memory of Your Sport:

Playing tennis at the Boys and Girls Club and winning a racket cover and a water bottle. 

Most Memorable Moment in College Athletics:

Making Loke go on a scavenger hunt during practice. 

If You Had $1 Billion Dollars You Would:

Pay off student bills, buy my parents houses, travel the world, donate to charities, invest, and save the rest for a rainy day. 

Career Aspirations:

Work with animals and learn/explore as much as I can.